Difference Between HIV Type 1 and 2

Notes on HID AIDS Type 1 Vs Type 2 For Medical & Biology Student in Word / .doc Format

Types of HIV

HIV are of 2 types (antigenically related, but genetically different)

HIV-1 and HIV-2

HIV-1 is common type in most parts of the world and HIV-II causes similar disease in West Africa.

HIV – 2 is associated with a more indolent course & less efficient transmission & a long incubation period.  (20 years for HIV-2, 10 years for HIV-1)

Phylogenic analysis suggests that HIV-2 and Simian ID virus may have originated from the same source in Africa.

It is assumed that SIV from Chimpanzees is the source of HIV-1, whereas HIV-2 has slightly different genetic make up than HIV 1. It is slower in progress towards AIDS. Mainly concentrated in West Africa. It is originated from Sooty mangabeys.

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