Global Status of HIV / AIDs

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In December 2001, approx. 40 million persons worldwide have been infected with HIV and some 24 million have succumbed to severe disease (i.e. AIDS); 90% of the latter are living in developing countries, especially in Asia and Africa. The estimated annual increase worldwide is about 20%, but this varies widely in different geographic locales. For instance, the annual increase is about 11% in the Americans, 26% in Africa, and 167% in Asia, indicating the staggering explosion of the disease in the latter region. This reflects to a great extent the close link between the disease and the economic, social and cultural issues and taboos in each region.

Currently HIV infection is the leading cause of death in US men aged 25-44 years. In some countries, such as the Ivory coast, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death; and in Uganda, it causes 80% of death in adults aged 20-39 years.


The main group of individuals affected are :

Promiscuous individuals, both homosexuals and heterosexuals: 75% of all infection has been acquired through sexual intercourse; the current male to female is 3:2 (infections in homosexuals were leveling off due to increased awareness of the disease and safe sex practices, but a recent increase has been reported)

Injecting drug abusers: some 10% of infection globally; 26% in the USA.

Persons receiving blood or blood products: about 1 % globally (mainly a problem of the developed world).

Offspring of infected mothers: varying transmission rates reported, 10-50%; most infection acquired at birth, with a few in utero and breast feeding accounting for the rest.

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