Iron Metabolism in the Body

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Iron containing substances in our body :-

Two sets of iron containing compounds are found in our body:

(1) Essential iron containing compounds. These are essential compounds in our body  and they have iron as one of the component parts. Examples: Hb, some en­zymes like cytochrome catalse, peroxidase, xanthine oxidase and soon.

(2) Storage iron. (a) Ferritin is iron + apoferritin. Apoferritin is a protein. (b) Hemosiderin, which resembles ferritin, is an­other storage form of iron. But in hemosiderin, the propor­tion of iron is much more.

Hb is a very important iron containing compound of our body. In an adult, the total body iron content is about 4 gm of which iron in Hb alone accounts for nearly 70%.

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