Iron Requirement for Women in Pregnancy

Health Care Guide on Iron required per day in Human Body in normal condition & during pregnancy

Daily requirement.

  • In adult males, it is about 1 mg/day.
  • In the non-pregnant non-lactating women of reproducing age, it is 1.5 to 2 mg/day.
  • In pregnancy it is 4mg/day.
  • In an affluent person's daily meal, the total iron content is about 20 mg, about 5% of which is haem iron.
  • Not only the content of iron in the daily meal, bioavailability of iron is also very important.

In usual meals containing 20 mg of iron per day, not more than 5% (ie, 1 mg/ day) of the food iron is absorbed. But in the severely anemic/pregnant, 20% (ie, 4 mg/day) of the food iron is absorbed.

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