Red Blood Cells Functions

Notes / Presentation / Essay on Erythrocyte (RBC) Function, Structure & Adaptation in the Human Body for Medical, Biology Students & Kids


1. Erythrocytes transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. The hemoglobin in red blood cell combines with oxygen and 97% of oxygen is transported as oxyhemoglobin.

2. Red blood cells transport carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs. The hemoglobin in red blood cell combines with carbon dioxide and form carbhemoglobin. About 30% of carbon dioxide is transported in this form.

3. Hemoglobin in red blood cell also functions as a good buffer. By this action, it regulates the hydrogen ion concentration and thereby takes part in the mainte­nance of acid base balance.

4. Red blood cells carry the blood group antigens like A agglutinogen, B agglutinogen and Rh factor. This helps in determination of blood group and blood transfusion.

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