Role of Iron in Human Body

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Why Iron Is needed?

Life span of RBC, normally, is about 120 days. After 120 days, the RBC dies and iron of the Hb, within the RBC, is ultimately extracted → stored → reutilised to form Hb (recycling of iron). Viewed in this way, iron, apparently need not be supplied through food because iron is preserved. But this is not so because:

(1) Some iron is lost through desquamation of epithelial cells of the intestine in the feces. These epithelial cells contain iron. 

(2) In women additional loss of iron occurs through menstrual flow / drainage by the fetus during pregnancy / even drainage via breast milk during lactation. 

(3) Additional iron is required during growth.

Conclusion is some iron is required by adult male. Women particularly pregnant women require more. Growing infants, children also require more. In the infant of about 3 months age and in the pregnants, body store of iron (eg. ferritin) may be nil.

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