Vitamin A Rich Foods Sources

Health Care Guide on Vitamin A Rich Food Lists for Kids & Adults with Vitamin A History & Recommended daily intake


Discovery: Night blindness was cured in ancient Greece either by ingesting cooked liver or by applying topically to the eyes the juice squeezed from cooked liver.
In 1913 two teams of chemists McCollum and Davis, and Osborne and Mendel extracted an accessory food factor from butterfat by the use of ether, thus proving that it was fat soluble. McCollum and Davis called it fat-soluble A. C.E. Bloch, a Danish physician, noted that xerophthalmia in children could be cured by the addition of a milk product to their diet.

In 1920 the term fat soluble was dropped, and the factor was simply called vitamin A. The relationship of vitamin A to the plant pigment carotene was first demonstrated in 1920 by another team. Not until 1957 was there final proof that carotene is the precursor of vitamin A and is converted in the body to the vitamin.        

Recommended daily intake (RDI) :            As  stated in the table.

            1μg of Retinol = 1μg of Retinol Equivalent (RE)
            1μg of β-carotene = 0.167μg of Retinol Equivalent (RE)

Food Sources :

Animal sources butter, whole milk, egg yolk, liver and fish liver oils they contain retinol.

Plant sources most green, yellow or orange vegetables like, spinach, coriander, drum-stick leaves, raddish leaves, mango, papaya, tomatoes, carrot, yellow pumpkin., contain b-carotene (pro-vitamin A), the precursor of retinol.

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