What are Iron Rich Foods

Health Care Guide on Diet / Good High Iron Content Foods Sources for vegetarian & Non Vegetarian

Iron as a Nutrient

Source, Daily requirement, Absorption, Transport and Intake Regulation of Iron

Liver, Heart, Kidney, Egg yolk (all animal foods) are exce­llent sources.
Meat and Fish also are also good sources of Iron.
Milk, particularly cow's milk is well known for its iron defici­ency. Green vegetables are good sources but non-green vegetables are deficient in iron. Vegetables contain phytic acid and phosphates which retard iron absorption.

Food iron are divided into – (¡) haem and (ii) non-haem (= inorganic) iron.

Haem iron is the one which is present in the RBC, rather, in the Hb. Vast majority of food iron is non-haem iron. Most poor Indians depend only on non-haem iron from the green vegetables for their iron supply. However, commercial bread and powdered milk are usually fortified by iron by the manufacturer.

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