Chromium as Mineral – Rich Food Sources, Functions, Deficiency & Daily Requirements for Children, Men & Women

Presentation Notes on Chromium (Cr) Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian Food Sources, Recommended Dietary Allowance, Cobalt deficiency disorders, Role in Human Body with Treatment & Toxicity in word / .doc / .ppt format


Chromium exists in two forms, viz, the trivalent and the hexavalent. The trivalent form is biologically active.

  • Yeast, milk, meat and cereals.

Daily requirement:
  • Adults : 0.05-0.15mg

  • It is absorbed by the small intestine.

  • Traces are excreted in urine.

  • Acts as cofactor for insulin.
  • Helps to increase not only glucose utilization but also transport of amino acids.
  • Important in lipoprotein metabolism. Small amounts play an important role in carboydrate and lipid metabolism apparently as a cofactor for insulin.
  • Further classifications of the precise biochemical functions are needed.

  • Excess of chromium (Cr3+) is toxic.
  • The hexavalent element is more toxic. Occupational exposure to chromium dust causes lung cancer. Appreciable amount of chromium are contributed by cooking in stainless steel containers.

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