Blood Pressure Measurement Normal Range

What are the Normal Ranges for Blood Pressure Readings / Presentation Notes on BP Normal Rate Value Chart for Men, Women & Children in Word/ .doc / .pdf Format

Normal Values Of BP: 

The BP values depend on various physiological parameters like Age, Exercise, Stress, Time of recording etc.

Arterial pressure fluctuates between a systolic level of 120 mm Hg and a diastolic level of 80 mm Hg, Thus a BP of 120/80 is considered as normal. As the blood flows through the systemic circulation, its pressure falls progressively to about 0 mm Hg by the time it reaches the termination of the venae cavae in the right atrium of the heart. 

The pressure in the systemic capillaries varies from as high as 35 mm Hg near the arteriolar ends to as low as 10 mm Hg near the venous ends, but their average "functional" pressure in most vascular beds is about 17 mm Hg, a pressure low enough that little of the plasma leaks out of the porous capillaries even though nutrients can diffuse easily to the tissue cells.Because the heart pumps blood continually into the aorta, the pressure in the aorta is high, averaging about 100 mm 

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