Natural ways to sharpen or improve Eyesight

                                             SHARPER EYESIGHT BY NATURAL WAYS

The most common and most insidious age related vision problems are Cataract, Macular degeneration.
The various lifestyle modification ways to protect and improve our eyesight are:
Stop smoking and steer clear of second hand smoking.
Limit your exposure to eye irritating air pollutants
Consume alcohol only in moderation
Avoid steroid drug.
Regular exercise of eye. Like side to side, looking up and down.

During normal metabolism a lot of free radicals are formed in the body these free radicals are very unstable compound which snatches anything vital from the cellular machinery resulting in tissue damage normally the body repair the damage caused by the free radicals however when the amount of free radical formed exceed tissue damage occurs.

Eyes are especially sensitive to these free radicals, so the benefits quite a bit from anti oxidant nutrients
The various fruits and vegetable rich in anti oxidant are:
Vitamin C, Vitamin E, carotenoids (beta carotene, lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthus).

Cataract and macular degeneration the best prescription is prevention.
Cataract is a cloudy spot on the part of eye called Len. Normally, the lens should be clear to let in light. When a cataract develops its dims your vision and increases glare. People who are more exposed to UV rays for years are more likely to develop cataract.

Macular degeneration involves deterioration of the macula, central nerve rich area of retina.
Macula allows seeing color and fine details.
If macula get deteriorated object at the center of field of vision appear wavy and color turns to black and white.
Macula degeneration is of two types. Wet and dry

Dry macula degeneration is more common it’s a tiny deposit called drusen accumulation in retina. It develops due to build up of lack of oxidation.

Wet macula is less common, it occurs when blood vessels underneath the retina begins to increase in number. Rapid loss of vision occurs in wet macular degeneration.

How can cataract be prevented?
Studies have shown that people on diet rich in vitamin c and carotenoids are less likely to need surgery for cataract. SPINACH is single most protective food against cataract.

Arugula , Brocoli , Spinach, Collards, Turnip, Kale, Carrot, Mustard, Tomato. Mix the above in bowl.

1 cup of blue berries,1 handful lemon, I handful of rose merry,1 handful of catnip, 2 cup water,1 nib fresh ginger ,2 small spoon turmeric.
Make a soup of blue berries by blending it. Put catnup rosemary and lemon balm and add water. Bring it to boil add ginger and turmeric steep for 20 min then strain.

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