How to keep your skin young and soft

                                         How to keep your skin young and soft

Wrinkles are something which every individual in his 40’s will be worried off. Wrinkles are rather fascinating so the better we under stand them the better we can prevent and treat them.

Wrinkles result from changes in collagen, collagen are fibrous material that are responsible for holding skin together actually it holds the entire body together .It accounts for one third of our body protein.

In young skin the collagen can absorb liquid. As the collagen absorbs fluid it swells up and create a smooth elastic non wrinkled skin. In older skin chemical changes occur that makes the collagen less soluble and less flexible.It is no longer able to absorb fluid so the skin loses its smoothness and thus wrinkles begin to appear. Wrinkles can appear any where in the body but especially on those area of skin that is exposed to sun.

How can you prevent it?
The loss of flexibility of collagen cannot be restored how ever the solubility can be delayed by use of anti oxidant (selenium, vitamin E, C, Carotenoids)

Most of the commercial available anti wrinkle preparation are made with vitamin E Derivatives

Your personal anti wrinkle regime:

Eat a lot of dark colored fruits: Blackberries, blue berries, grapes, plums, raisins. These color fruits contain pigment known as anthocyanidins, a potential antioxidants.

Increase intake of antioxidant supplement:

Get away with cigarettes: Cigarettes smoking causes release of various free radicals in the body. The free radical causes oxidative damages to the collagen.

Protection from sun: Cover the body from sun exposure as it causes skin burns which damage the skin causing wrinkles.

Sleep on back: Smashing face against the pillow night after night, years after years can contributes to the formation of wrinkles or worsens the existing wrinkles and creases.

Topical tactics for eliminating lines:
 Use of natural emollients: The best emollients are cocca butter, Jojoba butter. Cocoa butter is a superb moisturizer and skin softener. It is solid at temperature but melts when rubs into the skin

Fruit acids: A fruit acid contains α hydroxyl acid they are derived from grapes, citrus, apple.
Fruit acids works by removing dead skin cell and hydrating cells. Skin care product contains 4 to 10% of fruit acid .Use of smashed Papaya and tamarind to face is good way to prevent wrinkles.

Sun burn: Alovera gel has anti inflammatory, anesthesia, and antibiotic properties and help in healing minor burns
The other two herbs known to prevent and treat sunburns are chamomile and calendula (marigold) both have anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
Tea can be made by adding several teaspoons of herbs to a cup of freshly boiled water and allowing it to steep for 10 minutes cooled off and apply it as a compress.
Another herb is Echinacea: it is an immune system stimulant. It helps in repairing skin that has been damaged by sun.

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