Kidney stone, how it is formed, its Prevention

                                     Kidney stone, how it is formed, its Prevention

Kidney stone are formed when the concentration of urea rises. Urea is formed as a by product of protein metabolism. Normally urea gets excreted through urine.

When the concentration of urea rises in the urine it combines with calcium to form calcium oxalate crystals which form the core of kidney stone. As these crystals grow in size they cause excruciating pain until they are passed out.

Sign and symptoms:
The pain usually begins at the level of waist (back side), from one side to the other exactly where the kidney is situated. As the stone moves from kidney to ureter, the pain move from back to front than eventually to the groin. The pain ends when the stone reaches to the urinary bladder from ureter.

The entire process takes from few minutes to 48 hours. As the stone passes out of the body there might be burning sensation upon urination.
Kidney stones tend to run in families. More common in males.

How can we prevent it?
Measures to prevent kidney stone:

1.      Drink more than enough fluid: water, juice dilute the urine and reduce the formation of kidney stone. So the more you take fluid the less is your chance to get kidney stone.

2.      Reduce the intake of Apple and grapes juice: Apple and grape juices tend to increase the risk of kidney stone.

3.      Garnish your drink with lemon slice: lemon contains citric acid which helps in prevention of calcium oxalate formation. Other good source of citric acid are potatoes, soy , Roselle ,strawberry etc

4.      Avoid foods that contain oxalates: many foods contain oxalates levels enough to form stones the trouble some are spinach, nuts, chocolates, wheat brain, beet greens, lamb meat, grapefruit and strawberries. These foods increase the risk of kidney stone and should be avoided.

5.      Eat more magnesium rich foods. Magnesium slows down the formation of calcium oxalates crystal in the urine. Good source of magnesium are lettuce. Beans, poppy seeds, stinging little.

6.      Take a vitamin B6 Supplement: Vitamin B6 helps keep kidney stone from recurring.

7.      Try taking anti stone herbs: stone root, corn silk, and quackgrass.

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