Menopause, Sign Symptoms, Managment

                                                            Menopause Management
Ask a woman who is in her 40’s the pain and agony of premenopausal and menopausal problem its quite painful.
There is a dramatic change in the hormonal level. The level of estrogen falls resulting mood swings inability to concentrate, memory lapse, anxiety, body ache, sleep problems, hot flashes characterized by intense heat followed by profuse sweating these hot flash can by once in months or 10 -12 per day itself.

What is the modern day’s management?
HRT: Hormonal Replacement Therapy is what doing a lot of buss these days. It‘s benefit are real but so are its problems. HRT increases the risk of Breast Cancer, Gall Bladder problems, venous thromoembolism. Even the newest estrogens (SERMS) Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulatiors). These synthetic drug produce fewer side effect compared to the plain old estrogen however they have their own problem.

How to manage the menopausal and premenopausal problem?
Use of anti oxidant supplement like (Vitamin C, E, Carotenoid α and β) that supports immune system,
Calcium supplements to strengthen the bone.
GLA and γ- linolenic acid for prevention of heart disease and for general well being.

What women need to follow?
 Control stress level through meditation and deep breathing
Quit smoking
Eliminate or cut back on alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food
Soy , Soy product
For all menopausal and pre menopausal women soy and soy products are beneficial as it contains Isoflavones , Diazein and Genisten which have a gentle estrogen like effect without the side effect of synthetic estrogen ( increase risk of breast cancer).
Diazein and Genisten are weaker than estrogen however pharmaceutically they are competent. Studies have suggested that it reduces the risk of breast Cancer.
This is the reason why breast cancer is seen less in Asian women compared to Americans.

How to control hot flashes?
To prevent as well as manage hot flashes the herbs that can be used are 1)Black Cohosh 2)Dong Quai, licorice, chaste berry.
BLACK COHOSH: it has shown to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes. 40 milligram of crude BLACK COHOSH is able to prevent hot flashes minor side effect like headache and stomach has been however reported.
LICORICE: it is an estrogenic herb

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