It's the era of globalization and undoubtedly, fast food has gone global. Even the mention of pizzas, burgers, pasta, French fry leaves our mouth watering. Fast food is available in all corners of the world. Its availability in not just limited to restaurants, but we can find them in groceries, convenience stores, cinema halls. Even the televisions are not devoid of its influence. There are appealing advertisements on television which attracts us even more. The manufacturers combine various flavor and texture to produce truly addictive products. This strategy is not limited to just chips, cookies and sodas but for all processed foods, from condiments to pasta sauce. Seasoning in fast foods also creates a high salivation response. The chips melt quickly in a person's mouth which contributes to a pleasurable sensation, increasing the addiction a little more.
Having said so much about the popularity of fast food, let's move our attention towards the reality of fast food. Yes you read that right! By reality I mean the ill-effects of fast food.

Fast food or junk food generally refers to foods which contain lots of calories and a minimal amount of nutrition. They are high in fat, sodium and sugar. This high level of sugar in junk food puts the metabolism of a person's body under stress and when he consumes refined sugar; his pancreas secretes insulin in high amounts to prevent a risky spike in blood sugar levels. As the junk food does not contain adequate amount of protein and good carbohydrates, sugar level of a body tends to drop suddenly after eating, leaving the person tired and irritated. Intake of too much of junk food may leave a person fatigue and he will feel lack of energy which is needed to complete daily work.

Moving towards some serious consequences, we get that the high level of fat and sodium leads to hypertension. The more we gorge on junk foods, the more weight we gain which results in obesity. The gain in the body weight can put us in the risk for chronic illness, such as diabetes heart disease and arthritis. There can be high chances of a cardiac attack. Excessive dietary sodium can also have a negative impact on renal function, even leading to kidney disease.

In the short term, high level of dietary fat leads to poor cognitive performance. Eating too much of junk food can cause mood swings and constipation. Good health is the price we are paying for satisfying the craving of our taste buds. Isn't it becoming too expensive for us? 

Need for the hour is to avoid fast food as far as possible as it is definitely difficult to totally stop eating them at all. Soda and soft drinks should be replaced by dairy drinks, fruit beverages. More and more vegetables and fruits should be taken in place of chips, burgers, French fries.

I would like to end this with a quote by Krista Scott, "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and the junk food as far as possible."

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