Mention of mouth watering burgers, pizzas, pasta might sound tempting. Planning to eat at food joints, restaurants also fills us with excitement. But these all are short lived as you cannot do it on a regular basis. We have these foods only when we need a change from home cooked food. But nothing in the world can replace the healthy homemade food. Similar is the case of home remedies. Traditional cures for common ailments are often better than expensive medication. Home remedies also offer various solutions for beauty problems and weight loss.

A home remedy is purely a treatment to cure a disease or ailment by making the use of certain spices, vegetables or other common items. The best thing about home remedy is that there are no side effects as compared to medicines, unless you are allergic to any vegetable or items used. That’s pretty obvious; you will never use items which are allergic to you.

I have this small incident to share. Once there was a girl in our locality who was getting married. Before tying knots, she spent huge amounts on her parlor sessions. But to her disappointment, it made no difference. So, one day she came to my grandma and stated her grief. My grandma suggested her to mix a bowl of gram flour, turmeric, curd and honey together and use it as a pack daily. And much to her astonishment it worked. Her skin was glowing. The story might seem like some television advertisement but home remedies can work wonders.

Medical science is yet to find a cure for the common cold. But as all wise grandmothers know, an infusion made by steeping a few tulsi leaves in hot water is the best precautionary measure to take when you feel the sniffles coming.
One of the more popular examples of a home remedy is the use of chicken soup to treat respiratory infections such as cold or mild flu. Other examples of medically successful home remedies include willow bark tea to cure headache and fever, duct tape to help with setting broken bones, etc.
Many European liqueurs were originally medicinal remedies. In Chinese folk medicine, medicinal congees i.e. long cooked rice soups with herbs, foods and soups are part of the healing repertoire.

The most common problem of sore throat is usually treated with the help of addictive cough syrup containing a high level of alcohol which often makes us drowsy and dopey. But next time when you are struck with a sore throat, try gargling with hot salt water and feel the magic!
If you are suffering from insomnia, instead of taking sleeping pills, grab a glass of warm milk before sleep. Sound sleep is guaranteed. God forbid if it does not work, you can always read my articles, they will surely drive you to sleep.

Though medical science has progressed to a level in which it can even cure a dangerous disease like cancer, but home remedies still wave a magical wand like wizards to cure ailments using natural ingredients.
But this does not mean that it can replace the doctor’s advice and other healthcare facilities.
Live a healthy life!