Monsoon-Always a Blessing?

The summer is over. It's time for the monsoon to come and relieve us from spell of hot and sultry summer. 

The cooling showers bring with them a sense of relief from the ongoing heat of the previous season. Monsoons act as a boon for the farmers of India who highly depend upon agriculture to earn their bread.  Monsoon solves the problem of irrigation in agriculture.

But every coin has two sides, so are we just being contented and seeing only the happy side? Is it not wrong for us to neglect the ill-effects of monsoon? 

The sad part of the story is that monsoons not only bring the cooling showers but they also bring with them an increased susceptibility to a lot of diseases. It spreads typhoid, diarrhea, and jaundice, to name a few. Mainly it spreads water borne and gastrointestinal infections. Nevertheless accumulation of rain water provides room for the growth of mosquitoes causing dengue and malaria. Eye flu and foot infections are also commonly observed. But just the knowledge of disease will not solve the case. We need to safeguard ourselves from the clutches of these devils like diseases. 

So in order to keep these diseases and infection at the bay we need to be extra careful and take some preventive measures as 'Prevention is better than cure'. 

The most common problem of rain in the urban areas is water-logging. It contains mixtures of rubbish spilling from dustbins, drains and manholes as well as particles which may cause serious damage to a person.

Moreover it is often seen that digestive system of a person becomes weak during this season which may further lead to different kinds of infections. So it is always advisable to eat light food and avoid oily and spicy food as far as possible. Street foods should be highly avoided as it is usually exposed to the surrounding for a long period of time and chances are there that it may contain contaminated particles and germs. 

Consumption of water plays an important role in a person's diet. Drinking water is good for health. Additional care should be taken to the water we drink as maximum infections during this season are water borne. We should boil the water before drinking. It should be made sure that the water is filtered and stored in a proper place. Required care towards the intake of water will act a weapon against many of the dangerous disease. It will be a solution to half of the health issues.

Accumulation of water in our ambience may lead to the breeding of mosquitoes. They are the carrier of deadly germs and act as an agent in spreading severe diseases. Mosquito repellents and nets should be used whenever necessary. 
Few of these efforts and cautions from our side will work wonders in prevention of the deadly diseases. It will enable us to enjoy the real glory of monsoon. So we should tighten our belts and gear ourselves for the monsoon without any negative consequence on our minds.

Happy monsoons!

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