Change is the law of nature. As the time passes, we see a lot of transformations around us. Be it alteration in technology, from computers to newly launched tablets and smart phones; from steam engines to bullet trains; or be it the weather which shows variations on daily basis. This does not end here. There remains another fascinating modification which follows the suit, cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery, as the name suggests, is a process which relates to physical appearance of a person. It is an optional procedure that is performed on normal parts of the body with the only purpose of modifying a person’s appearance as well as removing signs of ageing. The society in which we live, image has always been given immense importance. Feeling and looking good has become necessary for many people. But how far should they go to fulfill their desire of looking perfect? Is looking perfect everything? The answer must be positive for many of us. Moreover there’s nothing fallacious in wanting to look beautiful or feel better about one's self.

Cosmetic surgery changes a person’s unwanted, normal appearance. For example, if someone is born with a big nose which is normal for the world, but for them it might be a matter of hindrance. Here the cosmetic surgery comes to the rescue and helps in changing the appearance of the nose, in this case. Cosmetic surgery has gained immense popularity with the most important procedures being breast augmentation, facelifts and liposuction i.e. removal of unwanted fat with the help of surgical vacuum. Other procedures include rhinoplasty which is the nose job, abdominoplasty which deals with the removal of skin and fat from the abdomen. Lip enhancement, the surgical improvement of lips’ fullness through enlargement, is common among many celebrities. These procedures seek to create a better look for the patient as well as conforming to the society’s standard, physically they are eye appealing and easily noticeable to the world. What about the emotional quotient? Emotionally, the surgery is more rewarding. If a person has ever felt bad about the way he looks due to any flaw he finds in himself, surgery can always make him feel better. It works in the direction of boosting his morale.

As the saying goes, every rose has its thorns. Cosmetic surgery is no exception.
Before you consider cosmetic surgery, make sure you are aware of the risks involved. Like any other surgery, cosmetic surgery is not risk-free and may lead to infections and blood clots. Sometimes, it results in bruising and swelling which may last for weeks or months to go down depending upon the kind of procedure. These surgeries can be painful too. And if you choose the wrong or an uncertified doctor, you will be risking your health and life. At the very least, a bad doctor could make you worse than you were before you went in for the surgery. Cosmetic surgery can also be a pinch to your pocket! A simple breast augmentation can make you shed off a lump sum amount.
Now when you are aware of the surgical procedure, it’s angelic and darker side; the decision of undergoing this surgery should be taken after a lot of consideration. After all, you should be happy with who you are from inside because the outside can change at a moment’s notice!

Be yourself because you are unique!


  1. Exactly "Be yourself because you are unique!".
    Naya chiz I got to know.
    Amazing :) Keep posting !

    1. Thanks a lot! your comments are quite encouraging!

  2. Very nice and knowledgeable blog..the last 3 lines summarises all ...if you indulge yourself in cosmetics comparing with others or to get into others skin then b rest assured that the process would never have a full and pamper urself and others would be attracted to you with equal magnetic keep posting such articles..

    1. Thank you so much for your kind review and close examination of my article. It was so motivating!